Get in the zone and away from distraction with help from teenagers-the most distracted people in the world

In a world engineered to steal your attention and time, ZenZone is here to reduce distraction, improve productivity, and nurture sustainable mental health.

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Identify and remove distractions for good

Create your own customized lists of websites and apps or use our curated "by teenagers, for the world" list of common distractors.


Make the zone just right for you

Once you have selected a blocklist, reach the zen zone by starting a focus session. In a focus session, everything in the selected blocklist will be disabled for a duration of your choosing (we recommend multiple periods of 30 minutes!)


Track your productivity by the numbers

Gain valuable insights into your work habits from your productivity data. You might notice that you scroll Tik Tok a little too much.

Share STREAKS 🔥 with your friends

Every time you finish a focus session, SHARE your amazing progress with your friends to push them to also be productive.

More perks

Get in the zone across multiple devices

With IOS and Mac app installed, connect multiple devices to one account! Focus Sessions will engage on all connected devices to create an all around locked in experience.

Plan your schedule ahead of time

Setup a schedule of focus sessions to establish and maintain an organized and productive work flow.


Increase Productivity

By enabling you to work distraction free, we can help improve your work efficiency.

Manage blocklists

Create multiple blocklists to support all of your different work scenarios and needs.

Improve Mental Health

ZenZone prioritizes the mental health of its users by helping to curb unhealthy screen habits. Our Focus Period's are engineered to take distractions away from our users.

Build Community

Mutually sharing progress amongst friends and family builds a community that helps push each other to grow and be accountable.

What users say about us

“I used to procrastinate to a point where my overdue assignments list couldn't fit on one page. With ZenZone, I eventually locked in to finish all of my overdue work. What's better is that I was able to share this journey with my family and friends.”

Rex Tang 🇨🇳

“As a year eleven student in Melbourne, I was taking a year twelve class which would affect my ATAR. I knew how important it was to stay focussed, but I was always distracted by apps like Instagram and TikTok. When I started using ZenZone, I began to improve in my advanced class and noticed how much more productive I was when I blocked out my distractions and temptations."

Nick Brown 🇦🇺

“Being a college student at UMich usually comes with juggling multiple academic assignments along with socializing with my friends. At times, the work load can consume a lot of your time. But, when I installed ZenZone, I began to thoroughly enjoy my school's culture and time with friends as I was substantially more focussed during my study periods."

Lilli Walton 🇺🇸